Managed Network Services

At Dataflow Business Systems, IT is more than just a solution, it’s a relationship. We are here to provide you with quality business solutions and ongoing support. We strive for a long-term relationship to help your organization grow and ensure that your technology meets the needs of your business. We have the personnel and experience to provide you with enterprise-level service and support. Let us streamline your business operations and communications with a professionally designed, dependable network that improves your work efficiency.

Products & Services

Dataflow Business Systems offers a wide range of network products and services to support all of your company’s data systems, including older legacy configurations. This includes custom imbedded systems typically used in CNC equipment, using any operating system.

If you do not have an IT staff, we can provide you with the resources to build, maintain, upgrade, replace, or repair the hardware and software that make up your network. We can also work with your existing vendors building a relationship with them to provide the most cost-effective support solutions for your company.

If you have an IT staff, we can provide products and services to complement them and their job. Use us as an on-demand IT resource. We can handle anything from daily user and system maintenance to specialized turn-key business solutions. We can develop a solution, implement it and then turn over maintenance to your IT staff, or we can provide the ongoing maintenance for you.

Our networking services include:

– Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and up, all versions.
– Microsoft Exchange 2000 and up, all versions.
– Apple Mac OS X Server 10.2 and up.
– Microsoft Windows 98 and up.
– Apple Legacy Systems (System 6 – Mac OS 9.2.x)
– Apple Mac OS X, all versions.
– Voice Over IP Phone Systems
– Virus, Spyware, Adware, Malware Protection and Removal
– Networking (Wired and Wireless). We can cable your location!
– Hard Drive Recovery (Failures, etc.).
– Custom built computers.
– Custom software and websites.

Dataflow Business Systems can support your Wide Area Network (WAN), whether it is 2 offices in Salinas, or 50 locations throughout the world. We can develop long-term solutions to maximize your dollar and minimize your down-time, using industry standard hardware and software systems.

Our Microsoft and Cisco certified staff provides complete server and network maintenance, including backup solutions, antivirus, automation, security, and monitoring systems.

We can also provide documentation and analysis of your network(s). We will develop a virtual overall view of your complete network, including servers, printers, workstations, hubs, and so on. This provides a complete look at your network so that we can develop a plan to provide you with better reliability, performance, security, and redundancy. We can also provide this service for mission critical business processes. This type of high level analysis can reveal possible improvements or modifications that would increase efficiencies and/or reduce costs for your company.